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Pentatonic Wind Chimes


In 1986, we decided to experiment with an ancient Greek five note scale, called the pentatonic scale. This musical scale existed before the western diatonic scale evolved and has its roots in early history.

We suspended the six tuned bells at each bell's nodal point which is a hole drilled at a point determined by the length of each note's sound wave, part way along the length of the tube. The tubing is one inch in diameter from 11 inches to 16 inches in length.

This results in a very bright and clear note when each bell is struck. We've included the high "C" giving six clear, loud notes from this chime.

Handcrafted on Prince Edward Island since 1981, these wind chimes have been designed for beauty of appearance and sound. Each has been tuned by ear using a silver flute and has a stained glass wind-catcher. Using high grade PEI lumber, braided high strength wire and rust resistant steel alloy pipes makes Island Winds chimes so durable we have a "Lifetime Plus One" guarantee.

Each set of wind chimes comes with a complimentary stained glass wind catcher. Pictures of colours shown in item pictures. Exact colours and availability can vary. If there are changes to options you will be contacted. You can also purchase other Wind Catchers for variation in decoration.


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