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Important Shipping Information
Important Shipping Information

Highland Quaich - Celtic Knot


This mini pewter Quaich is a great little gift or wedding favor. It has a unique pattern on both the outside and in the inner bowl. These Mini Quaich’s measure 1 3/4″. They are meant more as a gift and not really for drinking out of. These come packaged in a little box.

The Quaich is Scotland’s Cup of Friendship The word “Quaich” is derived from the Gaelic “cuach” which means shallow cup. It became a favorite drinking cup throughout Scotland, originating centuries ago in the Western Highlands. Used for welcoming visitors or bidding farewell to friends, the Quaich was used by proud clan chiefs, worthy merchants or humble crofters and, as such, this unique yet simple drinking vessel has kept its beautiful shape and friendly purpose.


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